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Colourful Strategic Proposals

And so, with the little message that appeared at the top of every Wikimedia page today – pointing to this letter and a very professional looking “I’d like to volunteer and here are my skills” page – the Wikimedia Foundation’s … Continue reading

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Content Liberation

[n.b.: this is a discussion about subtleties of English language usage and therefore the issues will be different or possibly not applicable in other languages.] You may know the old saying: “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter“ When … Continue reading

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A couple of days ago I spent some time talking with the good people at Fenton Communication who were selected to help the Wikimedia Foundation in the Credibility Campaign. The purpose of this campaign relates somewhat to a post I … Continue reading

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Fundraising Structure

Questions: Should Wikimedia Chapters fundraise? How should the money raised be distributed between and amongst the Wikimedia Foundation and the Chapters? Assuming that running this thing we call the Wikimedia Movement costs money, lots of money, the question follows – … Continue reading

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WIkipedia Journal

Questions: How to encourage academics to contribute to Wikipedia? How to increase the amount of good quality articles in Wikipedia? Issues: In order to demonstrate the work they have undertaken (to funding organisations, to their university, for promotion, for their … Continue reading

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