Handing out Paints

Today I presented on a panel session at the “Idea10 Learning futures: technology challenges” conference, down in Melbourne.

logoThis is a technology in education conference with quite a broad scope. Some techies, some government types, some school administrators. My panel, alongside Paula Bray from the Powerhouse museum (@paulabray) and Nicholas Gruen of Gov 2.0 taskforce fame (@nicholasgruen) was there to mix things up a bit and be provocative. I hoped we fitted the bill nicely.

The video of the whole session can be seen here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5351731

and here’s the slidecast of my presentation, entitled “handing out paints”.

Handing out paints

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For those wanting a bit of background into some of the references I made… here’s the links to info on the Little red schoolbook, good copy bad copy. I also took ideas from Steven Walling’s recent fantastic presentation and the trailer to the documentary “truth in numbers“.
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