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Opening Access to Archives

A few months ago I attended one of a series of meetings nationally called “Opening Access to Australian Archives” – hosted by CCi (who also house the office of Creative Commons Australia). and the draft outcomes from these meetings have … Continue reading

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Low-Hanging GLAM fruit

I’ve been meeting with a lot of GLAM institutions recently who are keen to collaborate with Wikimedia projects but, unsurprisingly, wanted to “go on a few dates before getting married”. So, this post is directed to those institutions who are … Continue reading

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Content Liberation

[n.b.: this is a discussion about subtleties of English language usage and therefore the issues will be different or possibly not applicable in other languages.] You may know the old saying: “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter“ When … Continue reading

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Roundtable on Access – the digital rail gauge

After the amazing Copyright Future conference held this week [good 30 second summary here], Wikimedia Australia was invited to attend a select roundtable meeting of cultural institutions and ‘thought leaders’ on the topic of Open(ing) Access to Australia’s cultural heritage. … Continue reading

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The future of the Digital Economy, or not…

Thank you Brianna for pointing out that the Australian Department of Communications, Broadband and the Digital Economy (with the memorable acronym DCBDE) has published all 116 public submissions to their ‘consultation draft’ for the Digital Economy Future Directions Paper. You … Continue reading

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