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A couple of days ago I spent some time talking with the good people at Fenton Communication who were selected to help the Wikimedia Foundation in the Credibility Campaign. The purpose of this campaign relates somewhat to a post I … Continue reading

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Fundraising Structure

Questions: Should Wikimedia Chapters fundraise? How should the money raised be distributed between and amongst the Wikimedia Foundation and the Chapters? Assuming that running this thing we call the Wikimedia Movement costs money, lots of money, the question follows – … Continue reading

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silly little vision things

Whilst I try to pull my thoughts together post-wikimania here are a couple of silly little things I picked up. 1) I was trying to work out what the minimum standard is of what everyone in the Wikimedia world agrees … Continue reading

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Charity? Really?!

In the last few weeks I’ve been laughed at several times. Openly, with ridicule. When introduced to new people they invariably ask me what I do and so I try to explain as quickly as I can the difference between … Continue reading

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A beginning

Thanks to the efforts of Brianna and Tawker I now have a functional website. It is with pleasure that I can now declare that ceci EST un blog! And, since I’ll be talking almost exclusively about Wikimedia related things I’ve … Continue reading

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